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Port Kells BC Dumpster Bin Rental
Designed to Fit Port Kells Alleys and Narrow Spaces

Flat Rate Roll-off Dumpster Port Kells Bin Rental

Do not pay a single cent more for additional time used!

most competitors will give you extra billing per day - if you go over a weeks time.



Roll-off Dumpster Bin Rental - Port Kells Rental Rates

 Family Owned And Operated, for Over 20 Years

No hidden fees, our prices, and policies are straight and clear, so there are no surprises in the end.

Skinny Bins® Port Kells Roll Off Dumpster Bin Rental will provide roll-off containers and reliable dumpster rental service at affordable dumpster prices.

New Westminster Roll-Off Disposal Bin Services

Skinny Bins® Port Kells Roll Off Dumpster Bin Rental serves all the major industries in Port Kells ensuring we can provide any one of our clients with the disposal services they need when they need it.

If you are a contractor looking for a disposal bin for your construction job-site or a homeowner needing to dispose of your renovation waste or green yard waste the hunt let us help you. We are a premier roll-off rental bin company serving the roofing, construction, renovation and residential waste.

Next time you need a waste disposal bin for your project in Port Kells, give us a call and we promise you won’t be disappointed.

Our goal is to make sure all our clients are always satisfied with our service. Whether you are a contractor or a residential customer, we provide everyone with the exact same high-quality service.

Our prompt and efficient commercial services will help your company maintain compliance with Port Kells regulations.

 At Skinny Bins®, our goal is to meet all your bin needs.

For the solution to your junk, yard waste, or renovation debris removal problems, call Skinny Bins®. We offer Dumpster Bin Rentals and mini-bins in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit any size bundle or space restrictions.

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Rear Door - Easy Loading

  • Steel stud re-enforced bin for heavy duty usage.
  • This is a multi-purpose bin for small to medium-sized construction jobs.
  • When your finished loading - call us and we take the bin for disposal.
  • Insured - W.C.B
  • We offer same day pickup

How To Rent A Bin

It’s easy, simple, and fast
Call to discuss bin size and location

  1.  The roll-off dumpster bin container rental is delivered to your location.
  2.  You fill our dumpster bins with your waste, disposal, concrete, drywall, dirt, roofing, trash, garbage or general junk.
  3.  When you are finished loading the dumpster bin, call us and we will pick it up!

Great for renovation debris, construction waste and garbage. A good size bin for tight areas and still able to fit in alleys.

Estimating the volume of your debris is challenging, especially for household junk or construction debris. With our experience when you call, we can provide some help in picking the right size dumpster. Whatever your project, getting the size right is step one in having a good dumpster rental experience.

 for Dumpster Bin Rentals Our trucks are able to get into the hardest to fit locations in Port Kells.

Skinny Bins® supplies waste bins for landscaping and construction to commercial, industrial, and residential customers. Short or long-term rentals are available. We offer competitive rates and same day service to Port Kells.

Skinny Bins® Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Rental trucks pick up and deliver trash containers to factories, warehouses and other industrial clients in Port Kells.

Extended Contracts

We offer substantial discounts to our commercial and industrial clients who require long-term trash services.

Dumpsters in Port Kells used for general cleanup, demolition, or construction go by many names - dumpsters, trash bins, roll off dumpsters, roll off containers, trash dumpsters, trash containers, waste dumpsters, construction dumpsters, Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Rental, garbage dumpsters, etc... Whether you are looking for a disposal bin rental for a landscaping project or a home renovation, we have to understand the size and scope of your project fully covered. We have a wide range of bin rental sizes to choose from. We offer these diverse bins because it allows our customers to pay for exactly what they need. You can choose a bin rental that is large enough to fit your waste needs while avoiding the need to pay for additional, unused space.

Skinnybins®... not just our name, our Roll-Off Dumpster Bins are built narrow to fit lanes, streets & driveways!

You'll always know how much you need to budget for cleanup thanks to our transparent, affordable dumpster rental service. We take the time to fully understand the size and scope of your project, ensuring you receive the right roll off containers at a price that works for you.

  • Family Owned And Operated
  • Honest & Reliable Service
  • Narrow Bins For Tight Spaces
  • No Daily Charges For Bins
  • Over 20 Years Experience
  • Recycle All Possible Materials
  • Same Day Service
  • Servicing Lower Mainland,

Whether you're building a new high-rise downtown, or simply want to clean out your garage this weekend, give us a call and we'll give you a complete cost breakdown of a roll-off dumpster bin rental.

What size roll-off dumpster bin should I order for my project?
The size of the roll-off dumpster bin you need will vary based on the type of work you are completing. If you are working on a small home renovation or a junk removal project, a 10-yard roll-off dumpster bin is probably the right size. If you're completing a commercial renovation, you're going to need a larger container. We can advise you on the right size for your job. Call our dumpster rental service today at 604-261-6198

Skinny Bins® Mini Bin Dumpster Rentals for Port Kells

Thanks for stopping by Skinny Bins®, where we service all your commercial bin, residential bin, storage and disposal bin, needs.

  • New Trash Bins and Dumpsters
  • Fast Response
  • Same Day Service

Roll-Off dumpster rentals and trash collection services for commercial, industrial and residential clients in Port Kells.

Offers a high level of service at fair prices. We safely remove concrete, dirt, brick, asphalt, green waste, recyclable materials, scrap metal and other waste.

Skinny Bins® Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Rental system makes roll off dumpster rental in Port Kells, BC simple, reliable, and affordable. Homeowners and business will completely avoid all of the stress associated with compiling all of your waste into recycling bags.



Skinnybins® can drop roll-off dumpster bin containers in tight places, on your driveway, alley or almost anywhere you want!
We offer containers for both residents and contractors in a wide variety of sizes. You can keep our containers "within reason" as long as you need them. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner Skinny Bins® will have the disposal solution for you. We can provide roll-off dumpster bins in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit any size load or loading area. Our trucks are able to get into the tightest locations.

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We get it! You care about the environment - so do we!


We understand

Every waste removal project is unique. We want feedback. This is not just about following waste recycling regulations.

It's about everyone being responsible!


Protecting the environment

We try to recycle as much as possible.

We want like you to keep our communities free of debris, neat, and tidy.


LETS ALL: reuse - reduce - recycle & waste wisely!


Meeting waste regulations

You can be certain that the site waste is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner in accordance with city bylaws and local waste management regulations.


Cleaning the mess

We sweep the driveway after picking up a dumpster or a roll off-bin on your driveway. We leave your property clean and tidy. The mess goes home with us'.