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 Same Day Delivery - Rent a 15-yard roll-off dumpster bin container

The 15 cubic yard dumpster is the favourite choice for contractors, homeowners and business

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 15 Cubic Yard Roll-Off Dumpster Bin Rental

Fast, friendly service makes the decision to rent a roll off dumpster from us simple and easy.
approximate Dumpster Container Bin Size: 16'X 6.5' X 4'
Driveway and Alley Friendly

Commercial, Industrial, and Residential Dumpster Rental and Waste Removal


most competitors will give you extra billing if you go over a weeks time.
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For general construction debris or household waste, we recommend the 15-yard roll-off dumpster bin container.

Our 15-yard roll-off dumpster bin container can hold approximately 15 cubic yards of waste. These are relatively still relatively large and perfect for removal projects like basement clean ups, attic de-cluttering and garage organization projects.

Our 15-yard roll-off dumpster bin containers can be parked in a driveway or alley with ease due to our skinny bin sizing.

SkinnyBins®  roll-off dumpster bin containers fit in tight places, on your driveway, alley or almost anywhere you want!
We offer containers for both residents and contractors in a wide variety of sizes. You can keep our containers "within reason" as long as you need them. Whether you are a contractor or homeowner SkinnyBins® will have the disposal solution for you. We can provide roll-off dumpster bin containers in a wide range of sizes and configurations to fit any size load or loading area. Our trucks are able to get into the tightest locations.

  • Small footprint: fits well in driveways, alleys 
  • Dimensions: Exterior dimensions of a 15-yard dumpster typically measure 15 feet long by 6 feet wide by 3 feet tall.
  • Capacity: A 15-yard dumpster can hold 15 cubic yards of material or 5 - 7  pickup truck loads.
  • Weight Limit: 15-yard dumpsters can typically hold  about 3 tons of material or 5,000-7,000 lbs
  • Key Features: A 10-yard dumpster is small enough to fit in almost any driveway.
  • Fast service, free quotes, low rate
  • Insured - W.C.B
  • We offer same day pickup.

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Walk-in In Loading


Makes it easier to load heavy and bulky items than tossing over the top of bin,

Residential and Commercial Dumpster Rentals Made Simple



Fast, friendly service with multiple bins for every project make dumpster rental from us simple and easy.

  • Easy quotation and ordering service
  • Flexible multiple sized dumpsters
  • A simple call for pickup
  • We can he;p you to select the right size dumpster for your project.


When you rent a dumpster, you can feel confident knowing your waste and recycling will be handled safely and responsibly.

  • State-of-the-art recycling technology
  • Safe, responsible landfill management
  • We put the planet first
  • We are committed to a high standard of safety and environmental responsibility, feel at ease about what happens after we pick up your dumpster.


Our 30 years of experience with Dumpster Rentals means you can expect prompt delivery and removal of your dumpster.

  • Timely delivery and pick up
  • Dedicated customer service
  • We'll deliver your dumpster when you need it
  • Place it safely and precisely where you need it
  • Remove it without delay when you're done

How To Rent and Size a Dumpster Bin

It’s easy, simple, and fast
Call to discuss bin size and location

Estimating the volume of your debris is challenging, especially for household junk or construction debris. With our experience when you call, we can provide some help in picking the right size dumpster. Whatever your project, getting the size right is step one in having a good roll-off dumpster bin container rental experience.

Clean up Time?

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15 Yard Dumpster Disposal Bin

Often used for asphalt roofing or small demolitions and household materials.

  • medium garage cleanout
  • Medium Basement or attic cleanout
  • bikes, televisions, lamps, rugs, appliances, computers, furniture, construction material, mattresses
  • General family home cleanouts.
  • 250 sq. ft to 300 sq. ft  deck removal
  • 1,500 sq. ft. of roof shingles (single layer)
  • Wood - shelving, skids, doors and window frames, decking
  • Medium kitchen or bath remodel cleanup
  • Cleaning up after small-scale demolitions.

15 Yard Reno or Garden Project

The 15-yard dumpster Rental is the favourite choice for contractors, homeowners, and businesses.

  • Dirt removal
  • Storm or yard waste and debris
  • Stumps
  • Flower beds
  • Retaining wall overfill
  • Dirt & Yard - excavated soil, gravel, screening
  • Larger Yard Cleanup
  • Dirt removal for small landscaping jobs.

15 Yard Concrete Dumpster Bin

If you do not have a great deal of debris a 15-yard dumpster rental is ideal.

  • Concrete recycling
  • Sidewalk demolition
  • Foundation removal
  • Driveway repaving
  • Rock, concrete, bricks
  • Concrete - patio slabs, paving stones, bricks, asphalt
  • Removing a patio or walkway.
  • Renovating a residential driveway.

Choosing a dumpster that's too small will be an expensive mistake!

Call and let us help you with your decision

If you have 15 yards of debris and you try to save a few dollars by trying to squeeze your debris into a 10-yard dumpster, it likely will result in you paying much more than necessary. You'll probably need a "switch out." That's when we have to deliver an empty roll-off dumpster at your location and haul away your full dumpster.
This ends up costing you exactly double your original 10-yard price. There's no discount for the 2nd dumpster.
Ordering a 20-yard container up front would've been much cheaper.

Don't overfill the dumpster!

Really DO NOT overfill, It Will Cost You Extra

Your debris must be level with or under the top of the container or you're headed for more hassle and cost.

It may be tempting to solve a "my dumpster is too small" problem by piling the debris high above the rim of the dumpster.

Big mistake!

We cannot legally haul your debris on the road with it piled over the top. It's a major road hazard. In most cases, the roll-off driver will leave and you'll be informed that the dumpster can't be picked up until you level it. You'll be charged a "trip charge" typically in that case. Other times, the driver may jump up and level your dumpster himself, by throwing out debris.

You'll probably be charged an "overfilling fee" and you'll have a pile of debris leftover that you still need to get rid of.